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Looking for the cheapest petrol price, per litre, the way
June 21, 2001 By Evelyn Ring

THINKING in litres can save motorists pounds on a petrol fill-up, and a consumer-driven website is offering advice on how to find the price thatís right. 
Filling up at the cheapest stations can result in savings of between £2.40 and £2.60 for every £20 spent, according to

Savings are based on price variations of 8p and 10p a litre in comparisons between the cheapest and most expensive garages in Ireland.

The largest price difference of 10p a litre is based on a comparison between one garage in Mitchelstown, Co Cork charging 68.9p a litre, and one in Cavan charging 78.9p. The 8p difference is calculated on Dublin prices.

The website contains lists of petrol prices entered by consumers and updated every two weeks. They can be accessed simply by clicking on the desired location of a map of Ireland. 

Friends Fergal Collins and Declan Collins, who established iWonder Creations, launched last July to measure consumer interest in monitoring fuel prices. The site now receives over 200 hits a week.

The main aim of the site is to get people to think in litres rather than a £20 fill-up and to spread the word about cheaper prices, Mr Collins said: ďItís definitely worth it for motorists to go two or three miles out of their way.Ē 

He believes everyone should know the basic rate ó if it is above 74p per litre it is expensive; if itís below 72p itís cheap.

When it comes to home-heating oil consumers do not even have to go out of their way because it's delivered to them. According to the website home oil prices vary between £312 to £350 for 1,000 litres ó thatís a difference of £28 or 8p per litre.

Living in Castlebar, Co Mayo, Mr Collins says his own home town is surrounded by garages charging between 73p and 77p a litre. 

ďThe one I mainly go to is 70.9p and it is in the same town,Ē he says.

The website operators are now hoping that petrol stations will start to use the site to advertise their cheaper prices or various promotions.


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