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Taxi-drivers seek fare raise

A number of taxi-drivers have applied to the High Court for leave to take proceedings to compel the authorities to allow an increase in taxi fares.

The drivers claim fares have not increased since January 1998 and are uneconomic and unrealistic, particularly since the deregulation of the taxi service last month.

The proceedings are separate from the case against deregulation that started yesterday.

The individual taxi-drivers' intended action is against the Minister for the Environment, the Minister of State for the Environment and the State.

Mr Justice Finnegan said yesterday he would consider the documentation in the case overnight and take up the hearing again this afternoon.

Mr Frank Callanan SC, for the drivers, said taxi fares were uneconomic and infringed his clients' rights to make a living by making taxi-driving uneconomic from their point of view. Now the number of taxis was uncapped.


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