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Consumer group criticises rise in taxi fares 
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 , Christine Newman - Irish Times

The Consumers' Association of Ireland has strongly criticised a taxi fare increase of over 10 per cent, which will be even higher for trips of over eight miles.

The increase was approved by the Joint Taxi/Hackney Committee of the four Dublin local authorities.

CAI chief executive Mr Dermot Jewell said last night the increases came across as excessive and would cause great concern among the public.

He said the increases were not at a level which the consumer could demand in pay increases.

This had come when consumers were being encouraged to take public transport and leave cars at home. "This is the wrong move at the wrong time," he said.

The increases are due to take effect on June 1st. The decision has to be ratified by the four councils. 

The new fares will give the industry an average increase in takings of 10.8 per cent but this will be significantly higher for trips of over eight miles. For example, the cost of 12-mile trips will increase by 14.1 per cent.

Dublin Corporation said the new structure removed the additional charge for luggage and animals to make it simpler and more transparent. The basic fare had been adjusted to compensate the industry for the removal of these charges.

Mr Con Coll of the corporation said: "This is a highly significant increase that will benefit the entire industry. While it is relatively high, we feel it is justified as it is over three years since the last increase was granted."


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