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Mixed feelings on court decision 

THERE was mixed reaction outside Dublin's Four Courts yesterday as the news broke of Judge Peter Kelly's decision to let the taxi drivers seek a judicial review of the deregulation order. 

For over an hour the drivers, who have not had a fare in over two weeks, stood around outside Court No 11 anxiously awaiting the ruling. 

And when one driver emerged from the court punching his fists in the air saying "Yes!", it seemed something dramatic was afoot. But others urged caution and the elation did not last long. 

Some jumped the gun by phoning colleagues and friends, but it them emerged the judgment would not stop the deregulation order, nor did it prevent Dublin Corporation from continuing to process new applications. 

Some realised their success in the court was something of a Pyrrhic victory and predicted there would be no return to work from the NTDU and ITDF ballot that was taking place as the court finished its business. 

But when the NTDU and ITDF leaders emerged onto the quays, they were delighted with the result. 

Tommy Gorman of the National Taxi Drivers Union (NTDU) said he was "very pleased" with the decision. The public and the striking drivers had been hurt by the dispute, he said. 

Later, both the unions and representatives of the SIPTU drivers were meeting with officials of the Department of the Environment, but nothing dramatic was expected from the talks. Meanwhile, Limerick taxi drivers voted unanimously to return to work pending the outcome of court proceedings. Their cabs were back on the streets at lunchtime yesterday.


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