Public Consultation on Proposed Change to Taximeter Areas and Taxi Fares Ends

To The period of public consultation announced on November 1st 2005 on proposed changes to the taximeter areas and taxi fares has ended.

Interested parties from around the country have submitted their views and suggestions regarding fare structures, rates and taximeter areas including consumers, taxi industry representatives and local authorities.

The outcomes from the review will be announced in the first quarter of 2006 and revisions to fare structures, rates and taximeter areas will be introduced on a phased basis throughout the country during the year.

As part of the review the Commission for Taxi Regulation is considering a number of areas, including:

Simpler and more unified fare structures across the country

Consistency in relation to items such as hiring charges, premiums applied to unsocial hours and other extras

Removing disparity between regions in both fare structures and rates

New taximeter areas that reflect the needs of consumers and assist the provision of a good quality, consumer focused and responsive taxi service

Control of fares for all journeys with every fare charged on the meter, based on the distance travelled or time elapsed during the journey

Commenting on the review the Commissioner for Taxi Regulation, Ger Deering said, I would like to thank all those who submitted their views. It is clear that change is needed in order to improve this aspect of industry for both consumers and operators and I will now begin the process of finalising how best to achieve this.

The Commission for Taxi Regulation will in future carry out systematic and regular taxi fare reviews.



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