Taxi owners meet on fare increase claim

SLIGO taxi owners met last night, Monday, to discuss what action they will take in pursuit of a fares increase. They put in a claim in November seeking an increase in the minimum night-time charge from Euro5.80 to Euro6 and they want the distance for the minimum fare reduced from two miles to two kilometres. The minimum day-time fare would stay at Euro5. The taxi people say that they haven’t had an increase in three years and if they were to wait for the new national taxi regulator to take up his post it could be another year and a half at least.

Christopher Fallon, secretary of the Sligo Taxi Owners Association, said that there was no guarantee that the new regulator would assume responsibility for fares on a national level.
It may continue to be left at a local level. In Sligo the Borough Council fixes the taxi fares. For that reason the taxi association wants a taxi liaison committee set up by the Council where issues relating to taxis can be discussed.

“This is something that we have been looking for for years. We have been trying to meet the Council but without success. If we could get the Council to talk to us it would be a big step.”

Mr Fallon said that Sligo had fallen behind other provincial towns on charges.

“In Tralee there is a minimum charge of 6 Euros during the day and in Waterford the night-time rate is 6.50 plus 50c a passenger. "

He also pointed out that Sligo does not have any of the added charges such as for passengers or bags.

“In Waterford the minimum charge for four people in a taxi at night is 8.50 and there is a further charge of 1.50 if there are different drop-offs. In Sligo it is 5.80.”

He said that another taxi rank is also urgently needed. “There are now about 108 or 109 taxis but there’s only room at the rank for 18"


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