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New taxi fares system agreed 
Sligo Champion 16 July 2001

SLIGO may soon have new maximum taxis fares introduced following agreement between officials and taxi operators and approval of the rates by members of the Borough Council.

Its the first time ever that Councilors have fixed taxi fares and the new schedule is expected to be introduced shortly. The maximum fare for the first two and a half miles inside the taximeter area remains at £4. 

Each additional 140.8 yards inside the taximeter area will carry a 10p fee and additional destinations at a hirerís request between the point of hire and a destination will have a £2 charge.

There will be a £20 fee per hour waiting time for time waiting at a hirerís request, while an Ďunsocial hoursí fee of 50p to cover the period from 10.00pm to 6.00am has been included.

The Town Clerk, Mr. John McNabola met with representatives of the Sligo Taxi Association prior to drawing up the recommended maximum fares, agreed after the consultations.

At Monday nightís meeting of the Borough Council, Clr. Matt Lyons proposed that the recommended maximum fares be adopted. This was seconded by Clr. Seamus Dolan and agreed. The proposals will now be advertised publicly prior to their implementation.

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