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The duties of drivers of taxies are as follows:

To drive the vehicle with such persons and luggage as the hirer may reasonably direct to such places as the hirer may reasonably direct.

To proceed at a reasonable speed while so driving and by such route as the hirer may reasonably direct or, where no such directions are given, by the most expeditious route.

To wait with the vehicle at such places and for such lengths of time as the hirer may lawfully direct.

Whenever a person requests the driver of a vehicle used as a public hire vehicle then standing for hire in a taximeter area to drive him to a specified place in that area and tenders or proves that he is able to pay the lawful fare for that service, it shall be the duty of the driver to comply with the request unless he has a reasonable excuse for refusing or failing to do so.

Whenever the hirer of a vehicle used as a public hire vehicle makes an advance payment in respect of services not yet rendered, the driver of the vehicle shall comply with the following provisions—

(a) The driver shall perform those services immediately unless directed to the contrary by the hirer or prevented by some sufficient cause

(b) The driver shall hold the said payment as a deposit and retain it if and when these services are fully performed

(c) The driver shall retain the lawful fare for the amount of services performed and he shall repay the balance of the payment whenever the hiring is terminated by the hirer before those services are fully performed.

The driver of a vehicle used as a public hire vehicle, while such vehicle is being used for the carriage of persons for reward or is standing, plying or being driven for hire, shall comply with the following rules, that is to say:

(a) The driver shall be in constant attendance on the vehicle.

(b) The driver shall behave in a civil, orderly and respectful manner.

(c) The driver shall comply with every reasonable requirement of any person hiring or being conveyed in such vehicle.

(d) The driver shall be clean in person and of decent apparel.

(e) The driver shall give all reasonable assistance and information to any person having authority to examine the vehicle.

(f) As respects the driver‘s badge issued to the driver under these Regulations—

(i) The driver shall wear it in a position where it can be seen readily by passengers and intending passengers, and while so worn it shall be in such condition that the number thereon is not obliterated or concealed in any way;

(ii) The driver shall not prevent, hinder or obstruct any person having reasonable cause for doing so from taking the number of such badge. (

g) The driver shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of persons in, on, entering or alighting from the vehicle.

(h) The driver shall not invite or allow any person to travel in the vehicle without the consent of the person hiring the vehicle.

(i) The driver shall switch on the light to illuminate the interior of the vehicle when requested to do so by a passenger in the vehicle provided that this does not interfere with the safe driving of the vehicle.

(j) The driver shall, when requested by a person who has hired the vehicle, afford reasonable assistance in loading and unloading luggage and in removing luggage to or from the entrance of any house, station or place at which the driver takes up or sets down such person.

The duties for passengers in taxis are as follows:

(a) The passenger shall not wilfully do or cause to be done with respect to any part of the vehicle or its equipment anything which is calculated to obstruct or interfere with the working of the vehicle or to cause injury to any person.

(b) The passenger shall not wilfully remove, displace, deface or alter any vehicle plate, fare table or any printed or other notice in or on the vehicle.

(c) The passenger shall not spit upon or from the vehicle or wilfully soil or defile any part of the vehicle.

(d) The passenger shall not throw out of the vehicle any bottle, liquid, litter or other article likely to annoy persons or to cause injury to any person or property.

(e) The passenger shall comply with any lawful request of the driver to leave or not to enter the vehicle.


Taxi Journey

• Where a taxi hire commences in one taximeter area and finishes in an adjoining taximeter area, the taximeter must remain turned on.

• In the case of a taxi hiring which extends outside of a taximeter area, this could be regarded as private hire, and the manner of calculation of the fare should be agreed at the commencement of the hiring. Agreement to use the taximeter to boundary of the taximeter area, and agreed hire fee for the remainder of the journey is an option.


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